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Meet Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

Sheri-Lynn, founder of Macro Magic, made macrobiotics her life mission as she witnessed the tremendous rise in childhood illnesses, autism, ADD and early onset diabetes. She knew her training in psychotherapy and emotional support was not enough for these children, that they had to make deeper, more lasting changes in their lives if they were going to improve their well-being.

Sheri-Lynn is now a TV host and macrobiotic chef/educator who has taught people all over the world the importance of cooking and eating well.

Sheri-Lynn recently partnered with Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Lorraine McCamley to form the Macrobiotic Global Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to restore personal and planetary health.

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You can engage with Sheri-Lynn in many ways!

Private and Group Sessions

Perhaps you are interested to learning what foods and recipes are best for your current state of health. Or you need help planning your weekly menu or learning your way around the kitchen. Learn more about Sheri-Lynn's private and group offerings!  

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Macrobiotic Global Institute

Sheri-Lynn offers virtual courses and workshops at a global level through the Macrobiotic Global Institute (MGI), as part of MGI's mission to restore personal and planetary health through educational programs.

Macro Magic on TV

"Macro Magic" is a cutting edge TV show that takes wellness to a new level.  Based on macrobiotic principles, the show is designed to teach the simplicity of cooking, eating, and living well.  Macro Magic is ideal for the person interested in wellness and healthy solutions.  

Film Documentaries

Film documentaries provide Sheri-Lynn with a platform to create a sense of wonder about the healing power of food. The Spirit of Rice is a special project for Sheri-Lynn because of her experiences in Japan.

"Sheri-Lynn's commitment and relentless desire to learn puts her in the forefront of macrobiotic practice.  As an open minded learner, educator and practitioner, she continues to explore, investigate and create possibilities for herself and those around her.  The breadth of her background and experience more than qualifies her as a source of understanding and insight into the world of macrobiotics and beyond."   

- Marcel D.

If you’ve ever been curious about macrobiotic cooking, take Sheri’s classes! You will learn how to make delicious, healthy food using the classic staples of macrobiotics: grains, vegetables, fermented foods, nuts, seeds and sea vegetables. You will learn how the energies of these foods nourish and heal. Sheri covers all the basics - from cooking utensils to cooking styles. Her lessons go beyond teaching you how to put food on a plate, she’ll encourage you to trust your own intuition and instincts when in comes to cooking and living a macrobiotic life.

- Paula P.

Find Recipes and High-Quality Products

Vegan, Macrobiotic Recipes

The Macro Magic Recipe store has plenty of vegan, macrobiotic recipes to add variety to your diet! Choose from grains, beans/bean products, vegetables, condiments, desserts, and remedy drinks! Here is where you can also find past classes such as the Holiday Workshop, with great recipes like tofu turkey!  You can also register for MGI's courses at the Recipe Store.

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Natural Products

A whole new level of healthy lifestyle requires the selection of the highest quality of food, home and beauty products, as well as other resources to help you on your journey. Sheri-Lynn holds a high standard when it comes to recommending products and goods to you!

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