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What are people saying about Sheri-Lynn?

"Sheri’s classes go beyond teaching basic recipes and really help the student learn about cooking for their health condition and modifying their diet throughout the seasons. Sheri’s recipes are always delicious and easy to prepare, while her fun approach to cooking also inspires the student to be creative in choosing ingredients and coming up with their own recipes."        - Brian S.

"Sheri’s consultations were informative, helpful, and made me feel like I could easily implement the tips that she described into my life. A lifestyle change can be a challenge, but Sheri was so supportive and there for me if I had any questions. Sheri was confident in what she was teaching me and always worked to make me feel my best."    -Marianne

“I've known Sheri for quite some years. Her knowledge of cooking for good health would be difficult to surpass. She can provide recipes for all ages, for all seasons, with considerable imagination and poise. Her teaching experience with children has given her the ability to make healthy eating fun and full of information. I'm sure there will be testimonies here that speak of food as medicine to great effect. Without doubt, food if properly prepared, will be the seat of good health, and Sheri can enlighten you with this approach to cooking. Well worth paying attention!"


“Sheri is a wealth of information and Knowledge. Her show Macro Magic is a testament of long hours of getting critical healthy information that is so needed in such an accessible format. Sheri makes you feel very comfortable and calm when she is interviewing you and you forget there is a camera there. Her calmness also lets you hear what the presenters message is and in doing so brings unique and wonderful ideas to the public. Such great interviews with people doing amazing things.”

-Michele D

"I have practiced macrobiotic cooking and lifestyle for over 26 years. Some dishes still remained a challenge for me and sometimes I would run out of creative ideas for meals. Sheri solved all these issues! Her teaching style is so clear and organized and she made so many dishes that I thought were complicated seem so easy. After class I could not wait to get into the kitchen and practice what I learned! She gave us creative ideas for dishes and meals. Lastly she took complicated macrobiotic principles and areas such as the 5 transformations and made them so clear and workable. I now refer to her chart when deciding about certain foods for certain conditions, seasons, or organ issues. Sheri is a gem, a wonderful cook and teacher. I am so glad to participate in her classes."

-Vicki O.

“Working with Sherri has been fantastic! She always had a fun recipe to share. My daughter describes the experience ‘like talking to another mom in the kitchen.’ Her cooking lessons taught over Skype have changed the way we cook. Sheri’s natural talent and creativity in the kitchen was more than about learning how to put together a healthy meal. We learned the art of cooking Macrobiotic. Sheri is knowledgeable about the energies of food and cooking within the seasons. Her intuitive cooking style offered a unique class experience. My daughter and I are very grateful we had the opportunity to receive Macrobiotic cooking guidance from Sheri!”

-Maryellen, (Registered Nurse and daughter Marianne)

iMI Leveled Cooking Program Testimonial:

"I came to macrobiotics in an attempt to address a health issue. After my first consultation with Edward Esko (International Macrobiotic Institute) and receiving specific recommendations for my condition, he suggested I take online cooking classes from Sheri DeMaris. It was the end of June and the CoVID-19 pandemic was entering its 5th month. Where prior to the pandemic, macrobiotic consultations and cooking classes were in person, everything was now via Zoom, Skype, or some other teleconferencing platform. It’s one thing to have a consultation via Zoom, but how does one take cooking classes via teleconferencing? 

Well, Sheri DeMaris has figured out how to share her vast knowledge of macrobiotic cooking and philosophy in a format that is both welcoming and engaging. Each class begins with the classmates sharing photos of their attempts to prepare the recipes that Sheri demonstrated during the previous week’s class. Students are able to ask questions, recount issues they encountered during the week and get feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Sheri then demonstrates preparing several new dishes while students are able to take notes and continue asking questions. All during the three hour classes, Sheri is sharing her experiences and knowledge of macrobiotics in a way that augments the recipes and brings greater understanding of the “why” of macrobiotics and not just the “how”. Each class is almost a counseling session in addition to learning how to prepare macrobiotic meals. I was fortunate to be in classes with a group of individuals that were uniformly thoughtful, supportive and kind. Because of the nurturing environment that Sheri created, it was possible to be open about health issues we each were trying to address through macrobiotics. Sheri offers several different levels of classes depending on one’s familiarity with macrobiotic cooking. Level 1 leads to Level 2 and so on. Each course is 10 weeks long and emphasizes cooking dishes that are appropriate for the current season. What I found so helpful is Sheri’s willingness to ask the class what dishes they would like to learn to cook and where in their diets they felt they were having trouble. 

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about something Sheri said or use a cooking technique that I learned from her. Over the two courses I took from her (Level 1 and Level2), I learned an enormous amount about cooking and about macrobiotics in general. My health has improved dramatically and I find I am using the knowledge I gained every day. I would highly recommend taking macrobiotic cooking classes from Sheri DeMaris. You will come away with much more than the ability to cook macrobiotic dishes that taste good and are healthy."


“Sheri is a passionate Macrobiotics teacher whose approach is pragmatic and measured. Ideal for those wanting to give this wonderful approach to life an initial try.”

-Andreas C., (Tribal leader of the Smart Data Marketing elite - Scientist of life's finer moments - Foodtrotter)

“Sherri-Lynn DeMaris is a super chef and teacher. I had the pleasure of teaching with her recently in the U.S. at many classes that were hosted by the Macrobiotic Summer Conference. Her leadership in Macrobiotics and her coaching has been at the forefront for many decades. Her book Macro Magic for Kids & Parents also comes with a DVD. A great educational tool for all ages with delicious recipes.”

-Marlene Watson-Tara, (International Teacher & Author)

"Sheri helped me to identify certain foods that were in my diet that caused serious inflammation and recommended other foods that would strengthen and heal my condition. Her advice, based on years of macrobiotic counseling, cooking and teaching, helped me so much! I feel better and I now know the yin and yang properties of the foods I was eating. I know what I need to eat and what I should stay away from. I am grateful for the consultation I had with Sheri as I feel stronger and in better control of my health."

-Paula P.